PRP, also called vampire lift

Lifting without surgeryPRP (vampire lifting, Draculalifting) is a natural anti-aging treatment with the body's own plasma (PRP). It is a therapy for skin generation and is one of the most modern and safest treatment methods of aesthetic medicine. Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore get treatment with PRP.

During treatment, the patient is treated approx. 15 ml. Blood taken off and centrifuged in special test tubes. The platelets separate from the plasma. This plasma (PRP) is then injected into the skin. This form of therapy is absolutely natural and very low risk, as self-blood does not cause allergic reactions or intolerances.

Vampire lifting with own blood plasma

This plasma is rich in growth factors.  For this reason, this type of anti-aging treatment is often referred to as stem cell therapy.

As soon as the blood platelets from the plasma come into contact with skin, vascular or connective tissue cells, various growth factors come into action. These include the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), The transforming growth factors TGF-Beta 1 and TGF-Beta 2, the Platelet Derived Growth Factors PDGFA, PDGF-B, PDGF-C and PDGF-D, the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) and the Insuline-like Growth Factor ( IGF-1).

These growth factors are usually activated by platelets in the event of injuries. Among other things, they stimulate cell division and thus contribute decisively to cell renewal and wound healing.  The growth factors give the impulse to divide and renew cells, meaning it's a true makeover for their skin. A natural refresher and stimulation is stimulated, similar to a wound healing. The PRP vampire lifting improves skin quality, sagging skin is regenerated and gains freshness.

A PRP treatment is suitable for

  • Fold
  • Dark circles of the eyes
  • Shatted skin
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Pigment spots
  • Scars
  • Hair loss

Information on PRP treatment

  • Treatment of the sleepy facial or body skin
  • Duration of treatment 30-60 min
  • Local anaesthetic on request
  • 100%ig nous da derived from own blood
  • No risk of allergy, no intolerances
  • Stimulation of the skin with the body's own growth factors
  • Natural appearance preserved by PRP
  • A few days of recovery
  • Sport possible after 1 week
  • Sauna, swimming pool, sunlight after 1-2 weeks
  • Use of cosmetic products possible the following day
  • A hospital stay, no anesthesia, no downtime
  • No surgical scars
  • Possible side effects include mild redness and possibly small hematomas. These subside after a few days
  • Contraindications: Age under 18, pregnancy and breastfeeding

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