Skin tightening and corrections

Fat Way Splashing Dusseldorf
Fat path injection
Tautaut tightening
Skin tightening by thread lifting
Scar correction, caesarean narne
Scar correction

Skin tightening and correction

Man doesn't always have to lie down at the same time below the fair when you have a par place on your body that you don't really like. There are numerous minimally invasive procedures that require no anesthesia and no hospitalization.

  • The fat path injection against problem areas all over the body
  • Mesotherapy to revitalise and tighten the skin
  • Fadenliftng for skin tightening
  • Scar correction in the event of accident, surgery or caesarean scars


Belly leg butt: The fat path injection for problem areas

Fat path injection for hip, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and faceEven with normal weight people, there may be physical areas where unsightly poles hold.  Because you can not always achieve these jobs through sport, sensible nutrition and weight losing weight. These problem areas are located, for example, on the hip, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arm, face and chin area.
Here, the injection of fatty water is an alternative to liposuction, because it can be applied in many parts of the body.

For these problem areas, a risky surgical procedure has so far been necessary to suck them under anesthesia. The fat path injection is a real alternative, because it can melt away these stubborn fat pads quickly, gently and, above all, permanently. The fat pathway syringe contains a special soy letin, which can eventually finally dissolve these fat cells for good, this lipolysis is colloquially called a fat pathway syringe.

Die Fettwegspritze ist geeignet für:
Männerbrust (Gynäkomastie)

The course of treatment

The outpatient treatment lasts about 30 minutes and can then be carried out immediately after a detailed consultation. This treatment is much more cost-effective than surgery and also heals quickly and without scarring.

After treatment

The desired effect of this lipolysis occurs after about four weeks. Often the desired change is sufficient after a treatment, but occasionally up to 3 applications are needed 4 weeks apart. During the 4-week regeneration period, it is helpful to drink a lot of water so that the dissolved fat can be transported from the tissue with the water. In addition, it is helpful to exercise easily and to pay attention to a balanced diet.

The active ingredient of the fat path syringe

For this lipolysis, the natural product phosphatidylcholine of the soybean is responsible, because phosphatidylcholine is able to dissolve fat cells definitively. Phosphatidylcholine has been approved as an intravenous drug in Germany for more than 30 years. It is used, for example, to lower blood fats and treat fat embolisms.

In aesthetics, this active ingredient is injected into the undesirable fatty tissue. Due to the injection of fat path, the fat cells are split up, the dissolved fat is transported to the liver by the lymphatic system, broken down and excreted there.

Side effects of the fat path syringe

After treatment with the fat path syringe, there may initially be redness and swelling in the treated area. A feeling of tension and hematomas can occur in the first days in this region. However, this is a desirable sign of effect and these sympthomas usually subside after 7-10 days.

Informationen zur Fettwegspritze
Reduzierung von hartnäckigen Fettpolstern
Behandlungsdauer 20-30 Min.
Betäubung durch lokale Anästhesiecreme
wenige Tage Erholungsphase
keine Narben
Sport sofort möglich
Sauna, Sonnenbestrahlung nach 1-2 Wochen möglich
Anwendung von Kosmetikprodukten am Folgetag möglich
Je nach Umfang 2-5 Behandlungen im Abstand von 6 Wochen
Nebenwirkung: eventuelle Entzündungszeichen wie Rötung, Schwellung, Erwärmung und Druckschmerz
gelegentliche Hämatome klingen nach wenigen Tagen wieder ab
nur hochwertige Ästhetikprodukte für hohe Sicherheit auf natürlicher Basis
Kontraindikationen der Fettwegspritze sind Autoimmunerkrankungen, Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit

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In mesotherapy, fine needles or a special pistol are individually assembled for the patient's skin. Due to the insertion directly in the area to be treated, this treatment is therefore particularly effective and gentle. This therapy is mainly used for acute and chronic diseases and pain.

The therapy is also used in aesthetic medicine to regenerate and tighten the skin.

The special thing of mesotherapy

The effect of this therapy is based on the local use of drugs, because the microinjections create small depots with active ingredients in the skin. These are gradually released into the bloodstream. This can achieve both an immediate and a long-lasting effect. Due to local application, the amounts of active ingredients can remain very low. This makes this therapy particularly gentle.

Mesotherapy may only be performed by trained doctors and naturopaths. This treatment has almost no side effects or complications. For this reason, it can even be used in children and pregnant women.

Informationen zur Mesotherapie
Bei akuten und chronischen Erkrankungen und Schmerzen
Kleinste Injektionen unter die Haut
Gespritzt wird direkt an der betroffenen Stelle
Es entsteht ein Wirkstoffdepot unter der Haut
Die Wirkstoffe werden langsam und gleichmäßig in den Körper abgegebe
Es sind nur geringe Wirkstoffmengen nötig
Es gibt nahezu keine Nebenwirkungen und Komplikationen
Die Mesotherapie ist auch für Schwangere und Kinder geeignet

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Qualification mesotherapy


Thread lifting-tightening of the skin without surgery

Fadenlifting DusseldorfThrough our age, sun exposure and inherited disposition, our skin sleeps-this is unavoidable. But there is a solution, without surgery and without anesthesia.
This gentle method for streamlining individual body regions is thread lifting. With this method, for example, Neck, décolleté, upper arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks or thighs.

Anwendungsgebiete des Fadenliftings


Information about thread lifting

During thread lifting, special lactic acid stores are inserted into the subcutaneous fatty tissue using a cannula, which tightens and lifts the skin. The threads also stimulate the body's own collagen production and this further tightens the tissue for 12 to 18 months.

Lifting threads by Venus V-lineThe special threads are made of absorbable polydioxanone (PDO), which is used in surgery in operatines. The PDO threads used are high-quality, CE-certified products. Only natural medical aesthetics products are used. The threads are not of animal origin.

Information from venus-v-line threads

Expiration of thread lifting treatment

The entire lift lasts only 30-60 minutes and is carried out on an outpatient basis. On request, a special cream is used so that the treatment site is stunned. Thadenlifting is a relatively simple procedure, eliminating downtime and risks such as a beauty surgery.

Side Effects and Risks

The thread lift is usually very well tolerated as it is one of the minimally invasive treatments. However, it is rare to develop mild itching, tension or blue spots after treatment. However, these possible reactions usually subside within the next few days.

Before treatment

Patients taking blood-thinning medications (e.g. ASD), should stop taking two days before thread lifting (if it is possible to maintain health). Because these blood-thinning drugs increase the risk of bruising. After treatment, the intake can then continue as normal.

After treatment

To protect the skin, after threadlifting, they should refrain from sauna visits, swimming pool, UV radiation and alcohol for a few days.

Information from: Frankfurt new press

Informationen zum Fadenlifting
Behandlung der erschlafften Gesichts- oder Körperhaut
Behandlungsdauer 30-60 min
sofort sichtbare Straffung
Natürliches Aussehen bleibt durch Fadenlifting erhalten
lokale Betäubung auf Wunsch
wenige Tage Erholungsphase
Sport nach 1 Woche möglich
Sauna, Schwimmbad, Sonnenbestrahlung nach 1-2 Wochen
Anwendung von Kosmetikprodukten am Folgetag möglich
Kein Krankenhausaufenthalt, keine Narkose, keine Ausfallzeiten
Keine Operationsnarben
100%ig vom Körper abbaubar
Wirkdauer durchschnittlich 12-18 Monate
Anregung der körpereigenen Kollagenproduktion
Mögliche Nebenwirkungen sind eine leichte Rötung, Druckempfindlichkeit und eventuell kleine Hämatome. Diese klingen nach wenigen Tagen wieder ab
Kontraindikationen: Alter unter 18 Jahre, Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit

Fadenlifting-firm skin without surgery

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Scar correction after accident or caesarean section

Combination of hyaluron, PRP and needeling can be effectiveA scar often creates a high pressure of suffering. However, with a scar, a combination of injecting with hyaluron, a PRP treatment and needeling can be very effective.
The needle is used to loosen the fabric. PRP regenerates through the growth hormones it contains. Hyaluron causes an increase in scarred tissue. Mesotherapy with individual drug complexes provides better care for the badly blooded tissue.

A small, superficial scar may be possible. Have a satisfactory result even after treatment.
A wide scar or deep waxes require at least two treatments.
A pronounced or formerly infected scar requires approx. 2-3 injections, sometimes a refresher is necessary after a few months.

Behandelt werden können:
Dellen nach Liposuktion

Hyaluron to raise the scar

Treatment with Hyaluro is about the targeted alignment of scarred tissue with the surrounding skin level. Hyaluron is also used for wrinkle injection and enlargement of the lip volume.

Stem cells for scar regeneration

PRP (Plated riched plasma) is a therapy with its own blood plasma. Here, the patient's blood is centrifuged and the platelet-rich plasma extracted from it is injected into the skin. The growth hormones contained in the plasma cause cell and stem cell activation. This effect is used to treat scar tissue. Acne, surgical and injury scars can be loosened and raised.

Needling to loosen the scar

The tissue can also be loosened with needling applications. Here, the scarred region is treated with a dermaroller to loosen the tissue and funnel active ingredients into the skin. Needling improves blood flow to the hardened tissue, making it softer and smoother. The combination of needling and injection leads to good results in many cases.
In the natural healing practice Edelweiss, only absolutely high-quality CE-tested products are used. The products have no animal origin.

Informationen zur Narbenkorrektur
Behandlungsdauer 30 min
auf Wunsch lokale Betäubung
wenige Tage Erholungsphase
keine Narben
Sport am Folgetag möglich
Sauna, Schwimmbad, Sonnenbestrahlung nach 1-2 Wochen möglich
Anwendung von Kosmetikprodukten am Folgetag möglich
Wirkdauer des Hyalurons durchschnittlich 9 - 12 Monate
PRP-Eigenbluttherapie 3x in vierwöchigen Abständen
Needling 3x in vierwöchigen Abständen
leichte Rötung und gelegentliche kleine Hämatome klingen nach wenigen Tagen wieder ab
Kontraindikationen sind Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit
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Information from Wikipedia

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