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Petra Weise, naturopath Haut DüsseldorfMy name is Petra Weise, born in 1964 and I am a naturopath out of conviction. In naturopathy, I have specialized in the natural treatment of skin and hair problems from the very beginning, because the increasing number of patients with problems in this field shows the need for alternative forms of therapy very clearly. Naturopathy offers numerous forms of therapy to rebalance the body on the one hand and not to burden the body with medication on the other. Every person is different. Call me, because I like to take the time to track down the causes of their problem.

Because nature is the strongest force.

Our skin

Our skin is our largest organ. It envelops us because it is supposed to protect us from injuries, pathogens and harmful environmental influences. Skin problems are a clear sign that the organism is out of balance. The skin shows outwards that something is wrong inside.

Whether neurodermatitis, acne or allergies-skin problems can have external as well as internal causes. It can show a disease, because internal processes such as chronic inflammation or a disturbed immune defense often also show up on the skin. External factors such as too much sun, washing with unsuitable detergents or incorrect care can also play a role, as they put additional strain. An unbalanced diet puts a strain on the skin because the skin is not sufficiently nourished in this case.

"The skin is the mirror of our soul"
How we feel can often be seen on our skin, which is why we blush or turn pale. The skin is also irritated when internal conflicts exist, because in this case, the psyche, immune, nervous and hormone systems are constantly under high tension. Through this stress, the body produces more and more hormones, thereby promoting inflammation. This, too, can be reflected in the form of redness or pimples on our skin, because it is overloaded.


In my practice, I also offer them modern anti-aging treatments. From hyaluronic injections and the fat away syringe to vampire and thread lift.
Let me advise you, because our appearance contributes a large part to our well-being.

Arrange a free consultation and I will be happy to explain to them the best options for them.


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