Treat an allergy naturally

Natural help for allergy, hay fever and food allergyIn the case of allergies, the immune system is overloaded, and the first measure should be to strengthen the immune system, because in order to be healthy, the body needs all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The absorption of nutrients takes place in the intestine. And it is precisely this intake that is often disturbed in allergy sufferers. Whether it's hay fever, a food allergy or other allergy. Tiny bacteria in our gut usually help us absorb nutrients from food.  Around 500 different bacterial species should colonize a gut, as these help digest our food and play a crucial role in our immune defences. But our intestinal flora is sensitive. Through unhealthy diets with little fibre, many preservatives and some medicines (antibiotics) harm our gut bacteria. This leads to miscolonization with useless or even harmful bacteria in the intestine.

The intestine: Often disturbed with an allergy

Our gut decides which nutrients enter our bodies and which are excreted. If the intestine is unable to perform this task properly, this will lead to problems throughout the body.
Microbiological therapy is particularly suitable for supporting the intestinal flora as the cradle of the immune system. Through this therapy, the intestinal flora can be gradually rebuilt. In addition, self-blood treatment for allergies can return the immune system to the correct function.

Information on allergy therapy

  • Creating a healthy environment in the gut by adding health-promoting

  • Bacteria that should naturally colonize the gut

  • Reducing pathogenic bacteria in the gut through healthy eating

  • Self-blood therapy

  • Inhibition of chronic inflammation

  • Relieving the body with the help of deacidification or Purification

  • Providing the body with the necessary nutrients and vital substances

  • Switch to basic nutrition

  • Increase in antioxidant intake

  • Clarification of possible cow's milk or iodine intolerance

  • Reducing stress

  • Identify suitable skincare products

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