Juhu Petra, again thank you for the lips!  I’m super thrilled. Had no blue spots, red or anything else, you’re the best!!!!!
From Anne H, 19 years, Düsseldorf the 20.11.2018

HI woman way, thanks for the great result and the great anaesthetic. The lips are super beautiful. That’s how I’ve always wanted them to be. My girlfriend will also get in touch with them soon.
From Ines A, 26 years, Düsseldorf the 08.11.2018

Hello dear Mrs. Weise
Brief feedback on your work on my lips. Full of success, I keep hearing that I look “good and fresh.” Thank you again and a pleasant and quiet holiday. Until the next session.
Dear greetings
From Christine M, 53 years, Düsseldorf the 31.10.2018

Dear Woman Wise,
Thank you for the advice and suggestions they have made to me. It’s become exactly the way I wanted it to. Next, I also want to fill up my lips with hyaluron.
From Petra L, 44 years, Meerbusch the 15.10.2018

HI Woman Weise,
I wanted to say thank you again to them-I was quite afraid of the needle. Thank you for being so fond of it, and for numbing the place so well. Didn’t hurt at all-thank you!
From Jana A, 21 years, Neuss the 12.10.2018

Dear Mrs. Weise, thank you for advising and fighting my wrinkles. I am very satisfied and will certainly be back very soon.
From Oivia L, 42 years, Düsseldorf the 01.09.2018