Naturopaths for skin and hair

Petra Weise naturopath for skin and hair-DusseldorfWelcome to the natural healing practice Edelweiss, the practice for skin and hair in Düsseldorf-Oberbilk.
My name is Petra Weise, I am 53 years, and naturopath out of conviction.
In natural healing, I specialized in the natural treatment of skin and hair right from the start.

Naturopaths specifically designed for skin problems

The increasing number of patients with skin and hair problems shows the need for alternative forms of therapy very clearly. Children and adults suffer from skin problems. In my practice on Altitude Road 23 in Dusseldorf, I specialise in the treatment of skin problems such as neurodermatitis, acne and allergies.

Furthermore, beauty treatments are a special specialty of the practice of edelweiss. From hyaluronic injections to the fat away syringe to vampire and thread lift. Because our appearance also contributes a large part to our well-being.

If you arrange a free consultation, I will be happy to explain the new possibilities to them.

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Petra Weise