Hyaluron After Work Party in Dusseldorf

Hyaluron After Work Party in DusseldorfCome with 2-3 colleagues after work for an after work party on beauty. In nice company over a glass of sparkling wine, they get free information on topics of aesthetic medicine such as: Hyaluron, PRP or thread lifting. Treatment is then possible on request.
Periodically, I host such an after-work party from 6am-9pm. If you are interested, I would be happy to inform you of the next date.
Just call: 0176 444 320 85


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Faltenunterspritzen mit Hyaluron
Vampirlifting (Draculalifting, PRP)

Hyaluron After Work Party

At this meeting, they also learn that anti-aging in naturopathy does not only mean wrinkle treatment, because a holistic view of the skin is also important. From diet and care to treating unavoidable traces of our age.

"The day begins with a glance in the mirror, and this moment should bring joy."
Finally, there are many possibilities to make small corrections.

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