Acne is not just
the skin

Acne doesn't just put a strain on the bodyAcne means a high mental ordeal. It is a disease that comes from within and shows an imbalance of the organism. A treatment that focuses only on impure skin cannot lead to sustained success. For this reason, naturopathy offers a holistic treatment here.

Causes of acne

The hair roots are located in small pockets under the skin, the so-called hair follicles. Around there are small sebaceous glands that keep hair and skin supple. In childhood, these glands are still very small. With puberty, the skin changes due to the hormone balance: In girls and boys, the production of male sex hormones, the androgens, begins. The youthful bones grow, the muscles become stronger. In the skin, androgens provide sebum production, among other things. The hair greases faster, the face often looks slightly shiny.

The horn cells form the top layer of the skin. If there are too many, they clog the exits. The sebum collects. When the output is open, you can see a black spot because melanin has collected at the top. If the exit is closed, the blackknife grows under the skin. For harmless acne bacteria, these are good conditions: They feed on sebum, multiply and promote inflammation. This creates painful nodules. If you express them or burst the pimples on their own, the contents enter the surrounding connective tissue and the body reacts with a more violent inflammation.

It's not just in adolescence that acne occurs. In women, there is often a worsening of the skin before menstruation or during pregnancy. This also changes the hormone balance.

The three most common forms of acne:

Acne comedonica
It can be seen by open black and closed white blackheads especially in the Gesich. They rarely ignite. Acne can linger in this form for years or it moves on to the next level.

Acne papulopustulosa
With it, the bacteria multiply very quickly. The bacteria produce pus, which accumulates in bubbles on the skin's surface. An inflamed, red nodules can quickly develop from this.

Acne conglobata
It is the worst form of acne. The inflammation here is particularly severe. In addition to many blackheads, pustules and painful knots on the face, chest and back, abscesses also arise: The knots connect with each other, leaving inflammatory gears under the skin. This is how multiple nodes connect with each other. The result is deep scars.

Holistic acne therapy

  • Structure of the intestinal flora and remediation of the digestive system
  • Inhibition of chronic inflammation
  • Relieving the body with the help of deacidification or Purification
  • Supply of the necessary nutrients and vital substances
  • Based or Base surplus diet
  • Increase in antioxidant intake
  • Clarification of possible cow's milk or iodine intolerance
  • Identify suitable skincare products


Allergy and neurodermatitis

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